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Oct 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
they love their weekends. >> why not? >> we are working but we still enjoy them. dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning to you, dan. >> terry, good morning. we are working, too. come up on gma, is fall over already? it's only the beginning of october, as you know, but across america we are seeing record low temperatures. snow has already started to fall in some places. also coming up, the skyrocketing gas prices across the country. to the state that is braking the bank with prices well over five bucks a gallon. we all guess what state that is,, you guys are living it in unfortunately for you. and crash simulation. pilots crash a boeing 747 into the desert in order to learn what would happen to the plane's passengers. find out where is the safest place to sit and how to brace yourself for landing this morning. it's really an extraordinary experiment they carried out in the desert. the results coming up. and finally extreme endurance. the newest death defying act. the guy that was once buried alive and encased in ice i
Oct 6, 2012 6:00am PDT
morning to you, dan. ame is, live our studio this morning. >> i know i'm going to laugh, i think i will laugh and cry during good morning america today. >> those are the responses we are hoping it elessity, terry. let me know. >> dan, thank you very much. look forward to your show. >> thanks. >> the mayors of san francisco and cincinnati have placed a friendly wager on the giants versus reds tonight on at&t. edwards lee and mark mallory have agreed that the losing city will host a chili cook-off fundraiser at a local firehouse to benefit the winning city's youth sports programs. and today's wildcard, we are talking wildcard. larry beil brings us up-to-date with this morning's sports. >> good morning. here's the problem with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games to get one chance. and an umpire blows a call that kills you. it happened in the braves-cardinals game last night. in atlanta former president jimmy carter enjoying the action. you like this. yadier molina with a drive to right. jason heyward fighting the sun, back to the wall and makes the catch! spectacular concentratio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2